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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo Shoot with Kristen at Forest Park

Yesterday I had fun shooting a family with a very energetic young man. Today I had just as much fun shooting a very energetic young woman. Kristen is very enthusiastic and easy to work with. We tried as much as possible to stay away from overly posed shots and to keep things moving. She didn't require much coaching. It was obvious that she had done some modeling in the past.

Although the lighting was not 100% optimal, it was not hot. So we were able to enjoy the shoot. The best scene of the entire shoot was not captured on film, however. In order to get Kristen on the wall out side the art museum she used her fathers back as a foot stool. Good thing she took off the stilettos 1st!

By the end of the shoot we need to use a little flash however we were still able to get some really good shots.

You can see the entire shoot on my flickr site.

Thanks Kristen for an awesome and fun shoot at Forest Park.

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