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Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo Shoot with the Kelly's

Just got back from a really fun photo shoot with the Kelly family! We all met at Twin Pine Park in Ballwin. This little park is tucked away and a little hard to find. However it was worth it. There were some really terrific views around the little lake and play area.

The Kelly family, consists of Cortney, Pat, 3 year old Clayton and 10 month old AnnaRose. Clayton was one big ball of energy. I had the most fun trying to keep up with him. Near the end I was able to get a near professional level portrait shot with a young man in motion.

We didn't pose any shots. We just went with the flow. I was pouring sweat but had a blast. Special thanks to the Kelly's!

You can check out the entire shoot on my flickr site!

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